-With complete collection of tooling & equipment, Ruhwa has the ability to produce cones from 1.25 to 18 in size.

-Pressed, semi-pressed & non-pressed cones can be made per request.

-Material for paper cone used includes various types of pulps & synthetic fiber such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, kevlar fiber, Kapok, Mica, ceramic and much more.

-Apart from traditional paper cone, various types of non-paper material in different finishes & textures are also available for selection. Such as aluminum cone, titanium-coated polypropylene cone, polypropylene cone, carbon fiber, glass fiber & various types of woven fabric cone.

- H-cone & Dome diaphragm is also our specialty

- Extra treatment for paper cones

1.          Hardening on cone neck or full cone body

2.          Water-resistant treatment

3.          Lacquer treatment in various colors

4.          Coating

Edge Surround

Our surrounds are made from foams, variety of rubber and fabric.

Dust Cap

We are capable of making dust caps using various types of materials in different sizes per request.


Ruhwa has complete collection of tooling for cone and surround assemblies as well as dome & surround assemblies.